Christmas Gift Guide – Game Edition

by | Nov 15, 2017

We love family game night! Sometimes it’s tough to find games that fit a broad spectrum of ages and abilities. In our house, often big kids and adults will team up with the littles, so that everyone can play and have fun. (This post contains affiliate links)

I can’t take credit for a lot of these great game finds. My mom and my husband are masters at sniffing out quality games. And that’s not always an easy feat!

Chicken Cha Cha Cha

This one is mostly for the younger set, but DON’T BE FOOLED. Our nine year old will smoke you. It’s a twist on the old memory game and quite entertaining!

Happy Salmon

This simple, but rousing game is fun for everyone. Even the four year old plays along! It’s loud and wild, but hilarious!

Bird Bingo

Here’s another one the kids love. It’s not my personal favorite, but once they can read, they can play independently. With a little help, the younger set (4ish) can play along, too. You’re budding ornithologist will love it. It also comes in other animals like Dog Bingo and Bug Bingo.  And bonus – you can totally count this as educational!


Here’s one to challenge the math skills. As in, my own math skills! This is a simple dice game, but lots of fun. We picked it up on a camping trip and it proved to be a great little travel game.


Here’s a classic strategy game that still holds the attention of kids (8+) and grown ups alike. My husband loves to challenge the kids and we’ve had adult friends challenge the kids to a game, as well. It’s a two player game, but the others love to stand around and cheer on the players.

Five Crowns


Here’s a game that my mom found, but we loved it so much we got our own set! It’s a rummy style card game that builds and changes as the game moves on. It’s a great game for age 7 to adult to play together.

Multi-Pack of Playing Cards


Lastly, we love to play regular old cards. Our big kids have finally mastered our favorite game of Euchre. But we always seem a few cards short of a full deck (literally and not so literally). This would solve our problems, at least for a bit!

What are your favorite family board games? I always love to hear new suggestions and ideas. Leave your faves in the comments!

For more gift ideas, hop over to last years Toyless Gift Guide. Also, be sure to follow the blog for a few more gift guides that I’ll post in the next week or so.

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