Super Girls and Halos

by | Nov 22, 2017

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Superheros are pretty popular in this house. The kids love reading about them and watching all of the movies. I know not even a fraction of the superhero trivia that my children know, in fact I kind of can’t even keep straight who is who. But I like saints and saint trivia! So when I had the opportunity to review the new book Super Girls and Halos by Maria Morera Johnson, I was thrilled!

Johnson talks all about real life superheros and concurs with Edna Modes opinion that superheros don’t need capes. Johnson pulls our her favorite superhero saints and compares them with scores of your favorite fictional superheros. This book is a really fun comparison of virtue and vice – two things we all have, whether we are saints, sinners, or superheros.


I love that Johnson not only makes these  comparisons, but breaks down some of the virtues and gives really lovely explanations of what, exactly these virtues comprise. In her chapter on fortitude, she points out that, beyond just courage, fortitude fights for the good. She compares Hermione Granger’s fortitude in facing Voldimort with saintly fortitude in facing persecution.

The author does a great job of pulling a few lesser known saints, as well. I definitely learned a few new names and tales as I read. Not all of her superheros are the caped variety, either. As an X-Files fan, it was fun to see Dana Scully make an appearance alongside St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross!

We are told all of the time to look to the saints for inspiration. But it was a fun twist to think that these virtues can also be found in so many modern day superheros, as well. Give your kids the saints, but give them superheros, as well! Teach them to look deeper and see virtues everywhere.

Super Girls and Halos was a really fun, inspiring, and intriguing read. It’s geared mostly to females, just in that the saints and heroes are all women. I plan to tuck my copy into a stocking, come Christmas. I am sure my superhero loving teenager will enjoy this little book!

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