6 Reasons to Visit Magic House St Louis

by | Jun 26, 2019

True to form, we always try to make our trips to St Louis into little adventures. We’ve seen many different place in the city, but Magic House will always be at the top of the list for the whole families favorite spots. With our robust leather backpacks filled with snacks and essentials, and the children’s own leather belt pouches securely fastened, we’re always ready for a day of
exploration and fun.

Kiddo with crazy hair at the electrstatic generator at Magic House St Louis.
This electrostatic generator is hair raising!

I think my personal favorite part of Magic House is that it is super fun for ALL of the kids – from the newly walking baby to the too cool for everything teenagers. The entire family had a blast. I couldn’t pick my favorites, so I asked each of the able-to-talk children to name his or her favorite part of Magic House.

1: Christopher loved the “Sketch Town” {I think Magic House calls this “Future Play”}. It really is an amazing little room of imagination and technology. In this space, kids can draw and design their own little piece of the magical town that appears on the walls of the room. We all loved designing vehicles and buildings and watching them come appear on the walls. Christopher says he loved it because it “let kids imaginations come to life!”

The Future Play space was truly a favorite for all! Even Andrew tried his hand a designing a food truck and sending it out into the virtual town!

Virtual Town Drawings at the Magic House St Louis

2: PeterXavier thought the “Five Senses” exhibit in which you could see your own pupil dilate was fascinating. I didn’t try this one, but I saw all the kids looking through a view finder, while ooh-ing and ahh-ing. I guess a flash of light dilates your pupil and the image is mirrored back to you!

3: In this same light and perception exhibit, was a shadow room. Bella loved this one. You stand at a greenwall and at the designated time you pose (or JUMP!) and your shadow stays on the wall, for you to see. It was fun to see jumping shadows and other silliness.

Jumping shadows with crazy hair at the Magic House
She’s got the hair for it!

4: I think EVERYONE loved the electrostatic generator ball, but Grace claimed it as her favorite exhibit. And she was probably our favorite person to try it, too! Put your hand on this metal ball and your hair literally stands on end! It’s particularly entertaining to watch the girls with long hair. They shake their heads and the hair goes flying!

Little girls throughly enjoying the floating ball magic in St Louis.
These floating balls were like magic!

5: Avila was quite enamored with the floating balls at the “Air Power” section. Soft puffs of air keep these balls afloat, like magic! It is fun to set them flying and see how long you keep them suspended in the air.

Little girl on a three story slide at Magic House St. Louis!
She also really loved the slides. Especially the Three Story Slide!

6: Kateri is our little climber, so a whole wall of climbing was her little dream come true! She’d shimmy up to the top and get a kick out of looking at the rest of us from above.

Musical Ball display at Magic House St Louis.
These amazing balls made music as they rolled around!

And bonus number seven – Blaise loved everything, but he really enjoyed the light up musical balls. Rolling the balls across the dark room set of different musical tones. It was so cute to watch him push those giant bright balls around.

Our handmade leather goods, the tangible companions of our experiences, were filled with the
magic and memories of the day. So, strap on your leather backpack, fasten your child’s leather
treasure pouch, and set out to experience the magic yourself.

The Magic House held more magic than any single blog post could convey. You have to go to experience the magic yourself.

In fact, as I stood watching the kids create vehicles for the virtual city, I heard another mom gasp and turn to a friend “This place really IS magical!”

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