Wild Things Schooling Running Amok

by | Apr 7, 2020

Everyone is doing some sort of schooling at home these days. Be it a marching on of the regular homeschooling or eLearning distributed from their brick and mortar school.

I know a lot of people are stressing out about the situation in which they’ve landed and I definitely understand. Tons of resources and encouragement are available online these days. I’m not going to add to that in any way.

I just thought I’d add a little snapshot of what’s rolling here with my little and not so little people.

It looks about like spring homeschooling looks every year: crumbling.

Making an ivy crown…in her jammies.

Because here’s the thing. We trudge faithfully through our homeschooling routine all fall and winter long. My little students diligently do their work and their whining about work and slowly, but steadily, we make progress.

And then the snow melts and the sunshine returns. The grass starts to grow and the flowers come back and we kind of toss all the work out the metephorical window.

We still hammer out the basics right after breakfast, but that’s about all we can manage on these beautiful spring days. We head out the door and let nature and imagination take over.

We’ve made cardboard shields, brought out the walkie-talkies, carved branches and fashioned sling shots. We’ve swept the leaves and cobwebs from the woodland forts and smeared blood root on our faces.

They’re still learning – in fact, I’d argue that they’re learning more than they did when they hit the books as the snows fell.

We relish the change of pace that spring brings on and I don’t waste time stressing about the lost bookwork time. That time will circle around again and we will embrace that season as it comes.

Sling shots: squired, carved, designed, and assemble with complete independence from “teaching”

For today, we will make some more ivy and dandelion crowns and shoot down evil forces with sweet gum flying from homemade slingshots!

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