We are happy to offer a variety locally, humanely raised products here at Wild Things Farm.

Eggs – (weekly pick up) SOLD OUT

Pork – AVAILABLE Order by 2/15/2021

We are so excited to be offering heritage breed Mangalitsa Pork this year!  Mangalitsa pigs are a Hungarian heritage breed, which is said to have the best bacon in the world! The red meat is highly marbled and full of Omega-3’s and antioxidants.  We have the utmost confidence in this breeder raising these hogs for us, as he has provided all of the heritage hogs we have raised in the past. We are thrilled to bring this amazing meat to your table!

We ask a $50 non-refundable deposit on half hog orders and a $75 non-refundable deposit on whole hog orders.

We charge $2.75 a pound, live weight for all pork.  This is payable to us after the hogs are dropped off to the butcher.  We will contact you after drop off.

You are responsible for contacting the butcher within the two weeks PRIOR TO  drop off to discuss your preferred cuts.  (If you do not contact the butcher by noon of drop off day, you will get butchers choice on all cuts.)  You will pay the butcher all butchering and processing fees.  We plan to butcher in early to mid fall.

We work with locally owned and operated This Old Farm and they have been wonderful. After butchering, we will pick up all of the meat and deliver it to you door!

Average hog weight going to butcher is 250-300#.


Big thanks for Christopher (graphics) and Grace (pig drawing) for this great graphic!

To secure your order, please email me at [email protected]

Produce –  Varies.  Weekly pick up, Thursday 4-5 Contact for more info.

    Secure a Half-Hog with a $50 Deposit, you will be redirected after submitting the form.

      Secure a Whole-Hog with a $75 Deposit, you will be redirected after submitting the form.