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by | Sep 1, 2017

The people of coastal Texas are struggling. As we sit back under our sunny skies and in our dry homes, I know we are all wondering what we can do. I can’t pack by bags and head to Texas. And besides, what help would I be, if I could?

I’ve only been to Texas once, briefly, this summer. But the people we encountered there and the Texans I’ve known in my life, I can tell you, they’re a delightful people. And from reading the news updates and hearing stories from people who live there, they are a strong, resiliant people.


We are a nation built on helping each other. We work together towards a common goal. It’s a part of our identity that seems to be crumbling, sometimes. We hear the news about all of the tragedies of people against people. But then, when nature strikes, we see the beauty of the people of our country. We see them working together to help each other. We see people risking their lives to save the lives of others. We hear heart breaking stories of tragedy. But also heart wrenching stories of the pure goodness of humanity and fellow man.


In our own small way, there is always something we can do. And here’s what you can do! A beautiful group of women makers have come together to hold a fundraiser for the good people of Texas. The ladies of Zelie & Co host Instagram auction ever Tuesday. But next Tuesday’s auction is extra big and extra special.


100% of the profits will be given to a group called ADORE ministries. They are a top notch, squeaky clean ministry. You can trust that your dollars will be put right where they’re needed.

So head over to the Zelie&Co Instagram page on Tuesday September 5 at 10AM (CST) and place your bids! You will get something gorgeous AND be helping the people of Texas.


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